Another DIY

Hi all,

I have taken up Quilling a wonderful craft to make jewellery, little flowers etc… (That is an entirely separate blog post 😉 )

Anyhow, I was storing my supplies in my bedside drawer and it started piling up. I needed to organize my drawer asap cos things started getting lost in them… 😮

So this is the same organizer as my previous post but smaller.

Here’s how it looked before… (I know I am messy)


This time however I didn’t measure things as I found an old mango box that fitted perfectly. I cut out its sides and used them as the separators.


I covered the box in newspaper… I don’t know why but I find it charming and much more practical than buying wrapping paper and using it in a box that will be hardly seen once all the things fit in.



This time however I didn’t use duct tape. The cardboard was thicker and sturdier. So I just pasted the news paper on to the separators and stuck the long ones horizontally using Fevicol. Then I measured the smaller ones and cut the card board accordingly. I just eyeballed the size. This time I didn’t use the ruler.


So here’s the Final Product…. tadaaaaaaa. Once again the drawer looks much better.

20150216_150719Please leave a comment below and let me know your ideas, feedback or suggestions



Sorry I have been away

Yes.. once again… I have been away. Primarily because my daughter doesn’t want her hair done any more. It’s always micro-braids in the front and a pulled back pony tail at the back. I have been looking to get a mannequin to practice hairstyles but somehow I never got to that.

Mean while here is a craft I made to organize my wardrobe drawer.  Its made entirely out of recycled materials… cardboard boxes from last season of mangoes (yummm) and newspaper. The only thing that I purchased was brown packing tape.

Here’s a picture of how it was before the makeover:


ugghhh…  (i know) 😀 😀

Here’s the Step-by-step:

1) Measure your drawer and mark it accordingly on the base of the box. I forgot to take a picture of this step. My bad 🙂

2) Decide what kid of boxes u want and make a rough sketch. I wanted it for storing my stationery and other tidbits so I made 2 long boxes and several short ones. The small ones here are 10cmX10cmX11cm. The long ones are 20cmX10cmX11cm.

IMG_4478              IMG_4479




3) Stick the boxes to each other with glue and then stick duct tape to make it sturdy.



4) Then cover newspaper all over. You may use your choice of paper like wrapping paper or tinted sheet.




5) Lastly, put it inside your wardrobe drawer and arrange your stuff. 🙂



Hubby loved it and my daughter now can find her pencils, erasers etc whenever she wants them without hassling me. 😉

In Love With Twists

My Niece visited us over summer and on the last day when she was leaving she wanted me to do her hair. So this is what i did. Every one loved it and when she went back to her relatives house they all were praising it.


This could work as another back to school hair.Photo0275



Step 1: Take some hair from the centre and make a half pony tail.

Step 2: Divide the pony tail into two and make two twisted rope braids.

Step 3: Divide the remaining hair into two sections and make pony tails adding in each of the little rope braids.

Step 4: Gather all the hair and make two rope braids.



A Twisted up-do!

This easy style can be great for first day back at school. It is quick to do and stays the whole day if secured well.

The link to this style can be found here.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

Step 1 – Part hair down the middle

Step 2 – Start at the temple and divide out small section of hair

Step 3 – Divide that section of hair in 2 pieces

Step 4 – Cross bottom piece over the top piece

Step 5 – Add hair into bottom piece and cross it over the top piece

Step 6 – Continue adding hair & crossing/twisting it

Step 7 – Once you reach the nape of the neck stop adding hair

Step 8 – Make a rope braid with remaining hair & secure end with elastic

Step 9 – Repeat on the opposite side

Step 10 – Wind each rope braid up into a loose bun & secure with bobby pins as needed.


Bee’s Diamond :)


This one is really self-explanatory… It’s easy to make too if u get your toddler to sit still. I had to take help from the princess and lure her with two toothbrushes.. and finally my cell phone (which as always she promptly threw on the ground)

Make a partition in the front tie a loose pony tail. Then using a U-Pin, pull the hair through the pony tail. I really wanted to take a picture of this step but I just couldn’t get Bee to sit still. Hope u understand from the pic below.


Then part that pony in to two and add them to the other two pony tails (the pink rubber bands) and then combine all that into one last pony tail below.



My mom loved it so much when she saw it. more than that she liked how Bee sat still through it…

Two up dos :)

This was done on April 20. We had Puja here in my mom’s colony. The instructions can be found here.

I made micro braids in the front to keep away the fly-away hair. In the last section, instead of curling her tail end, i braided them too and wrapped them around the bun. And yes minus the spiders 🙂

Photo0236               Photo0234

This one i did yesterday for an engagement party. I started with a dutch braid on the front and continued braiding once all the hair was added. I made a circle of this braid on her head like a crown. Like so:

Photo0242 Photo0241

Then i made a braid of the remaining hair and rolled it like a flower and pinned it completely all over so that it doesn’t fall off with all the running around that she usually does…


In the end added that little flower pin and it looked cute…


Craft… bookmarks

I’ve started reading (again) recently thanks to a dear friend who happily lends her books to me and doesn’t pester me to return them back. 🙂

So I made some bookmarks to return them with the books I took from her. Some of these are actually cloth tags which were fancy enough to be used as one. 😛












This next one was given to the princess at her school as a christmas gift.













This one is made after cutting the corner of an envelope in he shape of a heart and a teddy bear and roses from an old wrapping paper.

bkmrk4 bkmrk5


And another similar cloth tag… to cool to throw away….













Introducing the bee… my second kiddo…

This post is pecial to me. Today i will be posting my second daughter’s pics for the first time. She is a naughty and bubbky 15 month old chubby kid. and has quite a head of hair on her. 🙂

Here are few pictures of her hair.

Little-est Messy Buns












And a single pony, turned in at the last twist to look like a bun.












Lots of elastics and ponies and a lot of cajoling by her dad to stay still ended up giving this result 🙂












Her dad is holding her still (and stealing a kiss in the mean time) for this pic. 🙂 # tooadorable

Thanks for watching….Ciao

Hello there… back again

I m very sorry for being away for so long… but i kinda got caught up in a lot things, the kids’ sickness being one of them. Seems like i have been in and out of clinics forever….

But enough of that, here are a few things that i did manage to do….

Here are a few photos of the princess’s hair.

This is a waterfall twist braid, one of the popular variation of the “waterfall” braid. The link to this can be found here.












This is just 3 uneven braids that I did. it turned out by accident. i was practising my French braid on her hair and i had three braids. I braided them together and this is what became of it. I think it looks cool kinda casual.



This is just standard Indian braid with ribbons. Here you start with a standard 3 strand braid (A) and when u reach the end, u add a ribbon to two of the strands and continue braiding right till the end of hair. Then make the second braid (B) and end it the same way. lastly, take the ribbon from strand A and tie it at the start of strand B and vice versa. The result is what u see below. I will try and add step by step pics next time.












Thanks for being patient. Ciao….