Another DIY

Hi all,

I have taken up Quilling a wonderful craft to make jewellery, little flowers etc… (That is an entirely separate blog post 😉 )

Anyhow, I was storing my supplies in my bedside drawer and it started piling up. I needed to organize my drawer asap cos things started getting lost in them… 😮

So this is the same organizer as my previous post but smaller.

Here’s how it looked before… (I know I am messy)


This time however I didn’t measure things as I found an old mango box that fitted perfectly. I cut out its sides and used them as the separators.


I covered the box in newspaper… I don’t know why but I find it charming and much more practical than buying wrapping paper and using it in a box that will be hardly seen once all the things fit in.



This time however I didn’t use duct tape. The cardboard was thicker and sturdier. So I just pasted the news paper on to the separators and stuck the long ones horizontally using Fevicol. Then I measured the smaller ones and cut the card board accordingly. I just eyeballed the size. This time I didn’t use the ruler.


So here’s the Final Product…. tadaaaaaaa. Once again the drawer looks much better.

20150216_150719Please leave a comment below and let me know your ideas, feedback or suggestions



In Love With Twists

My Niece visited us over summer and on the last day when she was leaving she wanted me to do her hair. So this is what i did. Every one loved it and when she went back to her relatives house they all were praising it.


This could work as another back to school hair.Photo0275



Step 1: Take some hair from the centre and make a half pony tail.

Step 2: Divide the pony tail into two and make two twisted rope braids.

Step 3: Divide the remaining hair into two sections and make pony tails adding in each of the little rope braids.

Step 4: Gather all the hair and make two rope braids.