A twisted bun

This can easily be a very cool back to school hairstyle or even a casual style when let down.

The instructions can be found here.

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In Love With Twists

My Niece visited us over summer and on the last day when she was leaving she wanted me to do her hair. So this is what i did. Every one loved it and when she went back to her relatives house they all were praising it.


This could work as another back to school hair.Photo0275



Step 1: Take some hair from the centre and make a half pony tail.

Step 2: Divide the pony tail into two and make two twisted rope braids.

Step 3: Divide the remaining hair into two sections and make pony tails adding in each of the little rope braids.

Step 4: Gather all the hair and make two rope braids.



A Twisted up-do!

This easy style can be great for first day back at school. It is quick to do and stays the whole day if secured well.

The link to this style can be found here.

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Step 1 – Part hair down the middle

Step 2 – Start at the temple and divide out small section of hair

Step 3 – Divide that section of hair in 2 pieces

Step 4 – Cross bottom piece over the top piece

Step 5 – Add hair into bottom piece and cross it over the top piece

Step 6 – Continue adding hair & crossing/twisting it

Step 7 – Once you reach the nape of the neck stop adding hair

Step 8 – Make a rope braid with remaining hair & secure end with elastic

Step 9 – Repeat on the opposite side

Step 10 – Wind each rope braid up into a loose bun & secure with bobby pins as needed.