A wee little Christmas tree

The princess got a Christmas project to decorate a little Christmas tree. Her teacher gave her a cut-out to decorate which was promptly handed over to me 🙂

I painted it in green n brown poster colors and added glitter to look like confetti. Then i added little thermocol balls at the base. The tree sort of shriveled up after the paint dried. Here’s how it looks


Then i cut out a stencil from an old wedding card and stuck the tree on to it. Now the tree stood rigid and tall. 🙂


The teacher at her school just loved it. She especially loved the little bells. 

Next project is 2 stars… will post the pics soon.


Pony tail diamond :)

I didn’t know what to call this one (LOL). It’s just a simple style that is self-explanatory. The hair has been parted and tied up into little pony tails. Then i sectioned off the lower ones to form a diamond. The link to this tutorial can be found here.

The style featured there has more diamonds but since the princess was getting ready for school I had little time. It was her birthday that day so she wanted a fancy hairstyle to go with her dress. 🙂


Sorry about the picture quality. My camera acted up and i had to click these on my cell phone. It was a foggy monsoon morning so the light wasn’t good.


Ladder Braid

Hi all,

Last Saturday I tried this hairstyle on my princess. Its called the ladder braid and the tutorial can be found here. I didn’t follow the exact instructions so my princesses hair “ladder” looks all loose. Moreover although I had started with wet hair, by the time I finished one side, her hair had almost dried and I had to work with whatever I got.


later she git bored so I took her hair into a pony tail and wrapped this “ladder” around it.


Making her sit in front of  the TV makes her a lot more patient than making her sit in front of a mirror 🙂