Sorry I have been away

Yes.. once again… I have been away. Primarily because my daughter doesn’t want her hair done any more. It’s always micro-braids in the front and a pulled back pony tail at the back. I have been looking to get a mannequin to practice hairstyles but somehow I never got to that.

Mean while here is a craft I made to organize my wardrobe drawer.  Its made entirely out of recycled materials… cardboard boxes from last season of mangoes (yummm) and newspaper. The only thing that I purchased was brown packing tape.

Here’s a picture of how it was before the makeover:


ugghhh…  (i know) 😀 😀

Here’s the Step-by-step:

1) Measure your drawer and mark it accordingly on the base of the box. I forgot to take a picture of this step. My bad 🙂

2) Decide what kid of boxes u want and make a rough sketch. I wanted it for storing my stationery and other tidbits so I made 2 long boxes and several short ones. The small ones here are 10cmX10cmX11cm. The long ones are 20cmX10cmX11cm.

IMG_4478              IMG_4479




3) Stick the boxes to each other with glue and then stick duct tape to make it sturdy.



4) Then cover newspaper all over. You may use your choice of paper like wrapping paper or tinted sheet.




5) Lastly, put it inside your wardrobe drawer and arrange your stuff. 🙂



Hubby loved it and my daughter now can find her pencils, erasers etc whenever she wants them without hassling me. 😉


Craft… bookmarks

I’ve started reading (again) recently thanks to a dear friend who happily lends her books to me and doesn’t pester me to return them back. 🙂

So I made some bookmarks to return them with the books I took from her. Some of these are actually cloth tags which were fancy enough to be used as one. 😛












This next one was given to the princess at her school as a christmas gift.













This one is made after cutting the corner of an envelope in he shape of a heart and a teddy bear and roses from an old wrapping paper.

bkmrk4 bkmrk5


And another similar cloth tag… to cool to throw away….













Looong time…. back with a craft project.

Hi all,

Sorry had been busy last month. But i did get to make a cute li’l craft for my Princess’ school project. Here are the step by step pics. Let me tell u everything that is used here was at home. We hadn’t purchased anything. 🙂

First i took a cardboard and cut it into the shape of tiny feet. I used the foot measurement of my brother’s 2 yr old daughter for this. But u can eyeball it too. Photo0143

Then i made slits like so. 2 at the top for the thumb and 2 in the middle for the foot. first I marked the lines and then used a knife to slit them.



Then i covered it in some left over gifting paper carefully made slit again.



Then I took a regular drinking straw and flattened it with a knife for making the bands.


cut it appropriately in to two pieces, one small and one big, to put into the slits we made before

Photo0148         Photo0149

Then I stuck the pieces at the back with hot glue as shown above. (second pic)

Finally i gave the finished slipper to my daughter and she added the bling and it turned out like this….


Neat huh?


A wee little Christmas tree

The princess got a Christmas project to decorate a little Christmas tree. Her teacher gave her a cut-out to decorate which was promptly handed over to me 🙂

I painted it in green n brown poster colors and added glitter to look like confetti. Then i added little thermocol balls at the base. The tree sort of shriveled up after the paint dried. Here’s how it looks


Then i cut out a stencil from an old wedding card and stuck the tree on to it. Now the tree stood rigid and tall. 🙂


The teacher at her school just loved it. She especially loved the little bells. 

Next project is 2 stars… will post the pics soon.

DIY Hairclip board


I made a cool little clipboard for my princess. Her clips were almost everywhere and i used to have a hard time finding them when i needed them. I had them kept together in a box but everytime i wanted to find a pair i would have to tumble out the entire content and then search then clips and then put them back again. One day i stumbled on this cool DIY tutorial for it and i decided to make one for my darling 🙂

First i took a piece of thermocol that i had leftover from a gadget. I covered it with colored paper and then wrapped some ribbons in rows. Then made a loop to hang the board and in the end i covered it at the back with a piece of paper. The detailed instructions can be found here in this link.

The pictures below 🙂

This is the completed board.

This is after we attached most of her clips to the board. There are still many more clips in the box so i guess i will have to make one more soon. The last row of ribbon was a little loose so that we could insert her hair bands and leave them without the fear of cracking that thermocol board.

Glass painting

My first craft,

This is the nameplate of our new house. There was a piece of glass that was left over from the centerpiece in the hall. Our carpenter smoothed the edges and made appropriate holes for nails and gave it to us in April!!! I finally got around finishing it in August end.

Hope you guys like it.  I downloaded the Ganesh image form the net, and made a template in Photoshop. The border still needs to be done on this but for now its outside our door instead of accumulating dust in some corner at home 🙂


My first glass painting