Hello there… back again

I m very sorry for being away for so long… but i kinda got caught up in a lot things, the kids’ sickness being one of them. Seems like i have been in and out of clinics forever….

But enough of that, here are a few things that i did manage to do….

Here are a few photos of the princess’s hair.

This is a waterfall twist braid, one of the popular variation of the “waterfall” braid. The link to this can be found here.












This is just 3 uneven braids that I did. it turned out by accident. i was practising my French braid on her hair and i had three braids. I braided them together and this is what became of it. I think it looks cool kinda casual.



This is just standard Indian braid with ribbons. Here you start with a standard 3 strand braid (A) and when u reach the end, u add a ribbon to two of the strands and continue braiding right till the end of hair. Then make the second braid (B) and end it the same way. lastly, take the ribbon from strand A and tie it at the start of strand B and vice versa. The result is what u see below. I will try and add step by step pics next time.












Thanks for being patient. Ciao….


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