Multi Braids

The Princess asked me to make this particular hairstyle the other day and we had lot of time on hand as her dassera vacations had started. It’s really simple but time consuming. Tie a pony tail and make as many micro braids as u want. 🙂

The next day when i opened her hair, we got these beautiful waves.

Yes the snaps were taken together at the same time. One was before removing her braids and the second one is after.



Another Hair Idea

This is another one that i usually do on my Princess’ hair.

Here i made a pony tail first and then made two micro braids on the side and then had her hold them. I made a braid with the remaining hair and then twisted these two micro-braids around the bigger one.


School hair


Some days my little one just doesn’t want her usual two pigtails for her school. Who does when u have a head full of long hair up to (her) lower back! So i need to come up with something new and quick to make her hair. Moreover the school rules are pretty relaxed about how the girls wear their hair. The only constraint is that they shouldn’t fall all over the face.

So here’s one of our quick and easy style that i do for my princess. First part hair in the front and make 3 sections. Braid them into three micro braids and have your kid hold them. Next gather the reamining hair into a pony and add these three micro braids into the rubber band or scrunchie(used here). Make a simple braid. Done!!!













If u notice here i have left the braids and added all three of them to one middle strand so that the give off a nice little accent to the braid.


I love doing her hair. So much that my husband teases me that princess is my barbie doll 🙂

DIY Hairclip board


I made a cool little clipboard for my princess. Her clips were almost everywhere and i used to have a hard time finding them when i needed them. I had them kept together in a box but everytime i wanted to find a pair i would have to tumble out the entire content and then search then clips and then put them back again. One day i stumbled on this cool DIY tutorial for it and i decided to make one for my darling 🙂

First i took a piece of thermocol that i had leftover from a gadget. I covered it with colored paper and then wrapped some ribbons in rows. Then made a loop to hang the board and in the end i covered it at the back with a piece of paper. The detailed instructions can be found here in this link.

The pictures below 🙂

This is the completed board.

This is after we attached most of her clips to the board. There are still many more clips in the box so i guess i will have to make one more soon. The last row of ribbon was a little loose so that we could insert her hair bands and leave them without the fear of cracking that thermocol board.