Sorry I have been away

Yes.. once again… I have been away. Primarily because my daughter doesn’t want her hair done any more. It’s always micro-braids in the front and a pulled back pony tail at the back. I have been looking to get a mannequin to practice hairstyles but somehow I never got to that.

Mean while here is a craft I made to organize my wardrobe drawer.  Its made entirely out of recycled materials… cardboard boxes from last season of mangoes (yummm) and newspaper. The only thing that I purchased was brown packing tape.

Here’s a picture of how it was before the makeover:


ugghhh…  (i know) 😀 😀

Here’s the Step-by-step:

1) Measure your drawer and mark it accordingly on the base of the box. I forgot to take a picture of this step. My bad 🙂

2) Decide what kid of boxes u want and make a rough sketch. I wanted it for storing my stationery and other tidbits so I made 2 long boxes and several short ones. The small ones here are 10cmX10cmX11cm. The long ones are 20cmX10cmX11cm.

IMG_4478              IMG_4479




3) Stick the boxes to each other with glue and then stick duct tape to make it sturdy.



4) Then cover newspaper all over. You may use your choice of paper like wrapping paper or tinted sheet.




5) Lastly, put it inside your wardrobe drawer and arrange your stuff. 🙂



Hubby loved it and my daughter now can find her pencils, erasers etc whenever she wants them without hassling me. 😉