DIY Hairclip board


I made a cool little clipboard for my princess. Her clips were almost everywhere and i used to have a hard time finding them when i needed them. I had them kept together in a box but everytime i wanted to find a pair i would have to tumble out the entire content and then search then clips and then put them back again. One day i stumbled on this cool DIY tutorial for it and i decided to make one for my darling šŸ™‚

First i took a piece of thermocol that i had leftover from a gadget. I covered it with colored paper and then wrapped some ribbons in rows. Then made a loop to hang the board and in the end i covered it at the back with a piece of paper. The detailed instructions can be found here in this link.

The pictures below šŸ™‚

This is the completed board.

This is after we attached most of her clips to the board. There are still many more clips in the box so i guess i will have to make one more soon. The last row of ribbon was a little loose so that we could insert her hair bands and leave them without the fear of cracking that thermocol board.

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